Discovering Adult ADHD Symptoms

Every time we hear of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD, we think of rowdy kids straight away. Little did people know that adults may also be affected with the said behavioral disorder. This might be the reason, why some adults who might have ADHD do not bother to seek professional diagnosis and treatment despite of the ADHD symptoms in adults manifesting in his behaviors.


The diagnostic criteria for ADHD in children became the basis for detecting ADHD in adults.  Most of the behaviors present in children with ADHD are also exhibited by adults. Despite this, experts believe it manifests more imperceptibly, making detection of ADHD quite difficult.



Symptoms of ADHD in adults consist of having difficulty getting organized. As adults, there are several things to think about and manage. It becomes overwhelming for the adult with ADHD, ending up chaotic or incoherent. This is thought of to be the cause of major distraction in the adult’s life.


It is hard for a person with ADHD to concentrate on the task at hand that includes driving. This is the reason why they get into traffic accidents. ADHD drives the adult to speed up.


Finding the ability to focus when in a noisy or busy place is too difficult for them. Even when doing mundane tasks, small noises can distract them. They also get bored too abruptly. Attention regulation is a big problem linked to ADHD. This can often lead to failure of completion of work, thus poor work performance.


Due to inattention, adults with ADHD have poor listening skills. They could not concentrate on what the other person is telling them, and a hard time recalling a discussion that happened. Time and again they overlook their appointments. Forgetting meetings and dates often lead to misunderstanding, too.


Hyperactivity in children with ADHD manifests as restlessness in adults. They can’t seem to relax and often edgy or jittery.


Procrastination is common in symptoms of ADHD. They often struggle starting tasks that demands a lot of attention. They also fail to meet serious commitments, instead spend their time on nonsense goals.


Persistent tardiness is also seen in adults suffering from ADHD. It happens because they remember to do other things such as washing up the car. Other tasks which are suddenly realized cause the delays.


ADHD in adults may also cause them to have emotional difficulties. They seem to have no control over their feelings, that they often have anger outburst. Mood swings, having a sense of insecurity and hypersensitivity to disparagement are some of the common emotional symptoms.


Having adult ADHD symptoms should not be something to be ashamed of. There is a way to use these behaviors to one’s advantage. But first, diagnosis by a professional should be provided.

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The ADHD Gift is an organization dedicated to changing the world's perception of ADHD. We understand and acknowledge the challenges, but celebrate and promote the many gifts associated with ADHD in all its forms. After all, having ADHD does not mean you are broken. It's just a different way of thinking, and different is not always a disorder.

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